Option 1:
90 Day Female Confidence Accelerator Program 33% OFF – One Time Payment €133.33

Option 2:
90 Day Female Confidence Accelerator Programme 33% OFF – 3 Monthly Payments €66.33


➡️ Personalized Nutrition

We will be personalizing your nutrition to suit you and your goals, NOT the other way around. It’s what makes weight loss easy. This means you’ll get great results WITHOUT having to eliminate your favorite foods and drinks.

➡️ Personalized Training Plan (Regardless If You Are At Home With No Equipment Or At The Gym With Lots)

Your training plan will be suited to you and your level of fitness and strengths. The plans provided to you are aimed to fit within YOUR lifestyle so that you can stick to it with ease and dare we say… enjoy it (yup – our clients LOVE their plans – it’s what makes weight loss easy…)

➡️ 1-2-1 Support From Your Coach Via Our Coaching Software App

You will have 1-2-1 support from me as your coach as well as to having access to your very own personalized coaching plan, weekly progress updates to ensure you’re achieving your goals, and better yet, this is all at the tip of your fingers.

➡️ Social Community Group

Get access to our Female Confidence Support Group with a ton of women on the same journey as you. Nothing builds real change quite like becoming part of a supportive community that’s 100% aligned with your goals and wants to become a better version of themselves.

You will get access to your education portal in the social community group, some amazing weekly challenges along with support and accountability, and access to me personally, resources that are aimed to make your weight loss journey easier than ever.

➡️ Monthly Check Ins

These check ins are used to measure and monitor your progress to ensure you’re progressing and achieving your goals. These will allow us to make any changes or adjustments to your current plan so that we can continue to make incredible progress.

➡️ Recipe & Meal Guides & Other Resources

Get access to over 200+ healthy and delicious MyFitnessPal friendly recipes along with other Meal Guides that will help you add structure to your meals and more importantly show how you can implement the foods you love and still get amazing results.

➡️ 1-2-1 Plan Of Action With Me Personally (Your New Coach)

We’ll design a personalized action plan so that you are crystal clear on exactly what it is you need to do before you even start the programme to achieve your goals without the rigid and restrictive plan and without feeling you need to give up the foods you love. We will show you just how you can implement your social life and STILL get amazing results.

➡️ And More Importantly, Get Into The Best Physical Shape Of Your Life and Keep It That Way Forever

Not only will you learn how to get into shape but you will learn how you can keep these results for a lifetime. I will teach you sustainable strategies you can implement that will help get you INSTANT results!

“I have lost 3 inches on my waist, I’m down from a tight size 12 to a comfortable 8/10. I couldn’t be happier with the results I have achieved, I thought it would be near impossible to get to where I am at now. I have so much more confidence around people now, I can wear tight-fitting clothes and not be covering my belly or sucking in for pictures all of the time. I don’t have to worry about how I look and it has made my life a lot easier and less stressful.”

“20kg DOWN!!! (3 stone) I never ever thought I’d see the day. 18 months ago o started with John and it’s the best decision of my life! I have never felt physically and mentally better.”

“Literally going out in clothes that are 3 sizes smaller than what I would normally buy but also clothes that I never in a million years thought that I would be comfortable wearing out!!”